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    Last year parts of the Oregon Coast had wind gusts that hit 110 mph! This may not be Florida, but our coastal winds can certainly do plenty of damage to plenty of homes, especially vacation homes that aren’t occupied year round. What’s the solution? American Industrial Doors offers top-of-the-line security, storm, and hurricane shutters by […]

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    Many homeowners don’t think of “maintenance” when it comes to their garage door. Generally, people cruise in and out without giving their garage door much thought. While a garage is a low-maintenance part of your home – it’s not “no maintenance,” so, like everything else in your life, you need to pay attention to it […]

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    The growing interest and awareness of energy efficiency and green building practices has changed the entire construction industry. Today everything that goes into a home is geared toward providing the highest level of energy conservation possible, and that includes the garage door industry. If you don’t think that your garage door can make a difference […]

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    For most people, replacing a garage door doesn’t happen that often, so people don’t give it much thought – until they really need one. However, this is one area where homeowners need to be more proactive. It really is a good idea to consider replacing your garage door before your car is trapped inside. Here […]

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